Wednesday, April 17, 2013

EveryBus 2013

EveryBus is always my favorite campout! It's the start of camping season....I've been waiting all Winter to camp and now April is here and EveryBus has arrived and I get to camp. We left on Thursday morning, April 11th and took the back roads to the campout. I love taking the back roads... we see all kinds of cool shops and things. We stopped at a concrete garden shop and I found a concrete pug for Weasel's grave. (our pug that passed away in Oct)

The weather turned out prefect ( as it always does for EB).  The nights were cool (great sleeping temps) and the days were warm but not hot.  We went on some nature hikes in such of cool little creatures. Jonah rode his bike around the campground a lot, met up with old friends and played at the huge playground. All three of us got our first tick of the season. (I'm hoping this isn't a sign of a bad tick year).

One night we made 'glow bottles' from beads, clear glitter, and broken glow sticks. They turned out so cool!  We love curling up in the bus at night, right before bedtime to watch a movie. We watched 'Night at the Museum' this night and 'Wall-E' another night.

Marshmallow and Smore making happening here ^ .   Shelby didn't get to come with us this trip because of school. :(   I missed her so much. We kept texting each other all weekend.

~~ We got to see friends we hadn't seen since last year, we ate like kings, the weather was perfect.... yeap, this is still my favorite campout!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Buses By the Trax

We went camping last week in Maryland. The campout is called 'Buses By the Trax' because we camp right beside the train tracks. It's nice to hear the trains going by all day and night.
Shelby couldn't make it to this campout because she had a robotics competition. Jonah got to do all kinds of things.... ride his bike.


Catch baby turtles...

Go to 'Railway Days'....

and sleep on the top bunk, his sister's bed.

It was chilly in the evening but the campfire was so nice. I love a campfire.

Jonah and I tried to track constellations in the sky with the kindle but we couldn't get it to work. So we just looked up and watched the stars.

My sweet husband brought me flowers home the day before we went camping because we had to have our fur baby pug 'put to sleep. :o(    I took my flowers with me on the trip so I could enjoy them all weekend.

This crazy picture is my husband reenacting Shelby stepping off the exact curb where she twisted her knee (2008) and tore her cartilage. ( Her 1st knee surgery)

I missed my baby girl on this trip.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Camping on the River

We camped this weekend on the Rappahannock river. Our view was gorgeous, the weather couldn't have been better. It was so nice. 

We camped with 9 other buses, one beetle, one thing and one ghia.  There was a campfire at night with guitar, drum playing and singing.

Jonah helped daddy crack the eggs open for breakfast. I love eating breakfast while camping. And this time I got to eat it by the water.

Jonah got to fish with a guy named Bob.  He had a blast!

Everyone played in the water..........even Mr. Gecko.  They teased about 'brackish Jaws'.

Time spent with our son.

Dinner was out of the World. We had crab, shrimp and cat fish. My favorite was the cat fish! Dawnn cooked mac and cheese in her dutch oven and it turned out great.

Watching the sun go down..... beautiful.

On our way home we stopped by George Washington's birthplace.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Having Camping Withdrawal

We did not make it to Sunshine Daydream in July because the temperature was over 105.We just didn't feel like we could handle that kind of heat. I was so excited for High Country this weekend, but we didn't make it there either. We tried!! We started out and got 1 1/2 hours away from home, but our bus' suspension was acting squirrely. We were all over the road. Jaws kept pulling us into the other lane and it was so scary!! We drove back home and my husband pulled Jaws into the garage to try to fix the problem. After about 20 minutes we loaded back up into Jaws and tried to make it again, but we were all of the road again. We just couldn't make it. I've been so upset all weekend!! High Country is an awesome campout with over 175 buses all camped along a mile stretch of river. And I missed it! :o( Off subject of camping..... I made new shark curtains for the back window of Jaws... they turned out pretty cute.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

the VW car show

You see 'car show' and you think there are going to be a lot of pictures of cars.  Well, I took a lot of pictures of all the volkswagens but I'm not really going to post them. They were more for me to get ideas for the Volkswagen's that my husband is restoring for me.    So anyway.... my hubs drove the 1958 Deluxe bus to the show, ' Rusty' , pictured below.  You can see he did score some cheap tires for our 1970 Thing he is in the process of restoring.
Here is my sweet daughter getting a drink out of the cooler in the back of Rusty.  She is so cute.
The front of Rusty with a piece of paper stuck on the front of him by a magnet.  The paper is the story of Rusty.  How my husband found him in the woods, his side crushed in and ready for the crusher.  He husband payed I think $250 for him and brought him back to life.
My tiny guy had his shark hanging on the stirring wheel the whole show.  That is my tiny guy with his 'Indiana Jones' hat.  He's been wearing this hat for years. :o) 
The gang, all volkswagen owners, but not all are pictured.  This is Pat's bus.( the guy in the white shirt)
After the show we went to my girlfriend, Dawnn's house to eat , drink , and get in the pool.
The crazy volkswagen girls, Lisa (with baby Cora), Dawnn, and I.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

NaturalBus 2012

Hey there, we're home from NaturalBus and recovered. :o)   I was actually sick the whole weekend so I stayed in the the bus a lot.  I did come out a little bit and tried to be sociable.  We started out Friday morning and had problems on the road. The bus was driving all 'squirrely'... scaring me to death. We ended up having to stop a few times for my hubs to august things under / behind the tires.  Owning a bus is not easy, there are always things to fix on it.  For real!!
We made it to the campout in about 3 hours.  It is in Natural Bridge, Va.....that is why the campout is called NaturalBus.  Mark, the organizer told me there ended up being over 50 buses this year. 
The weather was beautiful, not as hot as it usually is for NaturalBus.  It is usually in the 90s for this campout and everyone stays in the water the whole time. It was too cold for me to get in the water this weekend.  We even had a storm/tornado warning roll through Friday night and we were all stuck in our buses for about an hour. :o)  It all needed up being fine though. 

Here is my annual picture of my children with Yogi Bear.
We love our campfires. The first night I think we stayed up way past midnight, some till 3am around this campfire.
My son, a water lover ended up getting in the water even though it was chilly.
The teenagers gathered to eat.
The band this year was so good.  No one wanted them to stop playing. Mark says he'll be asking them to come back again next year. :o)
I know I've said it before... but NaturalBus raffles a bus off every year. The money goes to the Ronald McDonald House.  They sold over 1700 tickets at $10 a ticket. :o)  Pictured below is the man that won the bus.
This is me (left), Dawnn (middle) and Mark (right) in Jamie's bus.
The weekend was so wonderful with friends and family.  Our Fullmoon Bus club friends are part of our family. We eat great, the weather was great, and the company was great. 

On the way home we carabused to Sonic and eat lunch..... here is Dawnn and I having a picnic in the Sonic parking lot.  I've got my journal in my lap. I am a crazy journal girl and have written down every time we camped, when, where, and what. lol

Till next camping trip, which will be in about 2 weeks.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Hoo~Rah

We headed to the Hoo~Rah last weekend, May 26th. It is a family campout that has been happening for 34 years now.   See my crazy daughter in the window below?!    This is how we roll when we take our canoe.  Camping on a river is my very favorite!!  And this weekend we camped on the river.

Here is a family photo under the Hoo~Rah sign.  This sign is 34 years old also. They hang it every year.
My son and I canoeing.  My hubs is in the back taking the picture.

Quality family time camping. :o) 
Basil got to come this time....
We had family game night, playing 'Apples to Apples'.   Jonah won.
The weather was great both days, Saturday and Sunday. A little hot, but we had shade and the water to cool off.