Wednesday, April 17, 2013

EveryBus 2013

EveryBus is always my favorite campout! It's the start of camping season....I've been waiting all Winter to camp and now April is here and EveryBus has arrived and I get to camp. We left on Thursday morning, April 11th and took the back roads to the campout. I love taking the back roads... we see all kinds of cool shops and things. We stopped at a concrete garden shop and I found a concrete pug for Weasel's grave. (our pug that passed away in Oct)

The weather turned out prefect ( as it always does for EB).  The nights were cool (great sleeping temps) and the days were warm but not hot.  We went on some nature hikes in such of cool little creatures. Jonah rode his bike around the campground a lot, met up with old friends and played at the huge playground. All three of us got our first tick of the season. (I'm hoping this isn't a sign of a bad tick year).

One night we made 'glow bottles' from beads, clear glitter, and broken glow sticks. They turned out so cool!  We love curling up in the bus at night, right before bedtime to watch a movie. We watched 'Night at the Museum' this night and 'Wall-E' another night.

Marshmallow and Smore making happening here ^ .   Shelby didn't get to come with us this trip because of school. :(   I missed her so much. We kept texting each other all weekend.

~~ We got to see friends we hadn't seen since last year, we ate like kings, the weather was perfect.... yeap, this is still my favorite campout!

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  1. Looks like fun!! I know it's difficult when our Babies start growing up and having a life all their own!! :( Guess that means we did a good job!! Still is sad though!!